Bewerbungsfoto Roland Krüger ... to my personal homepage. On these pages, I'd like to introduce myself and provide some further information about my person. Among other things, you'll find my resume, information about my publications and descriptions of some of my software projects together with download options for these. I hope you enjoy browsing my site.


Below is a short overview of the information that can be found on my pages.

Section Profile provides a more detailed information about my person. In particular, you can read and download my resume as a PDF file.

To get an idea about those topics which are most important to me, the best thing would be to take a look on my bookshelf. Therefore, section Library provides an overview of the books that I have read and which I studied intensively.

The software projects I have worked on in the past are listed in section Projects. Besides a short description of each of these, you will find links to subsections where further information about the single projects can be found. The option to download source code and compiled versions of the software will also be given.

Section Publications provides a compiled list of a number of publications which were written by me or in whose preparation I was involved in. These are in particular the academic articles that I worked on at the University of Mannheim's Chair of Applied Computer Science IV, my diploma thesis and my student research project.

Links to recommendable web pages are gathered in the Links section.

My contact information can be found here.

News regarding my homepage