Resume of Roland Krüger

Date of birth: April 7th, 1978

Address: Lindenstr. 13, 69488 Birkenau, Germany
Telephone: +49 6201 494 177

Nationality: German

Technical Skills

Core Competences

Programming/Query Languages Java, Groovy, Perl, SQL, Unix Shell Programming
Markup HTML/CSS, XML, JSON, Latex, DocBook
Frameworks and APIs J2EE, JBoss Seam, JUnit, Vaadin Toolkit, Hibernate, Hibernate Search, Java RMI, Java NIO, Java Swing, JDBC, OSGi, JSF, JMX, Eclipse RCP
SCM SVN, Git, Bazaar, CVS
Concepts OOA/OOD, UML, SOAP and RESTful Web Services, Object-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, Refactoring, Reflection, Unit Testing, Regular Expressions, Networking, Extreme Programming/Test Driven Development
Software Eclipse, Apache Maven, Apache Ant, OpenOffice, MS Office, MySQL, Emacs, Gnuplot, Bash, SSH, Apache Webserver, Apache Tomcat, JBoss AS, Nagios, MediaWiki, Hudson CI
Systems Linux, Unix, MS Windows

Further Competences

Programming Languages Scala, C/C++, PHP 5, Python, Pascal, OTcl/Tcl, OpenGL Shading Language
Frameworks and APIs Qt, OpenGL, SWT, CppUnit, Apache Wicket, JSP, DirectX
Software MS Visual Studio, Veritas BackupExec

Language Skills

German Mother tongue
English Very good
Swedish Good
French Basic skills


01/2006 ― 07/2006 Diploma thesis: Worked on my diploma thesis at the Chair of Applied Computer Science IV of the University of Mannheim titled „Automatisierte Simulationsverteilung für SimpleSim“ (engl. „Automatic simulation run assignment for SimpleSim“).
  • Implemented a distributed Java application of about 42,000 lines of code that automatically assigns network simulation runs to idling computers.
  • Implemented a scheduler module for minimizing the total simulation time by using the following optimization algorithms: Branch And Bound, Simulated Annealing, and Greedy Scheduling
  • Implemented a benchmark mechanism to automatically determine the computing and memory capacity of each available computing node.
  • Achieved very good scalability rates through heavy usage of Java NIO classes and non-blocking network sockets.
  • Extensive utilization of design patterns, thereby obtaining robust and well maintainable code.
  • Ensured a very high failure tolerance by integrating several fallback mechanisms, such as detection of excessive memory swapping, detection of stalled simulation runs and detection of simulation crashs.
  • Wrote an additional graphical server management tool based on Java Swing.
  • Accomplishments:
    • Overall duration of network simulations can be significantly reduced by adding any user-defined number of computing nodes.
    • Statistical robustness of simulation results can be augmented by increasing both the number of simulation repetitions and computing nodes.
10/2004 ― 04/2005 Internship at the Volume Graphics GmbH: Worked in a team on the company's graphics library VGL4 for processing volumetric image data. Employed programming language was C++.
  • Added suppport for complex numbers.
  • Implementation of three deconvolution filters for image denoising and restoration: Wiener filter, Lucy-Richardson filter and Van Cittert filter
  • Implemented a filter for the Anscombe transformation.
  • Implemented a gradient filter with several output channels (gradient components, length and orientation of gradient vectors)
  • Integrated the filters into the company's graphics application by way of a GUI plugin based on the Qt toolkit.
08/2002 ― 08/2004 Student assistant in the Fleetnet project at the Chair of Applied Computer Science IV, University of Mannheim.
  • Implementation and documentation of statistical modules in Java for the evaluation of scenarios of mobile ad-hoc networks. Worked in an international team.
  • Created several Java implementations: development of a graphical user interface for the visualization of highway scenarios; development of algorithms for the statistical evaluation of movement patterns of cars on a highway; implementation of a ternary search tree data structure und its application in a GUI widget class; profiling and optimizing time-critical code
  • Conducted network simulations with the ns-2 network simulator; created post-processing statistics with Perl; conducted simulations of the protocols AODV and DSR in vehicular scenarios
  • Accomplishments:
    • Publication of three academic papers dealing with statistical analyses of highway scenarios with respect to the properties of mobile ad-hoc networks.
    • Released a Java tool named HWGui for the visualization, evaluation, and transformation of movement patterns of vehicles on highways.
04/2002 ― 07/2002 Student tutor for the lecture „Programmiermethodik“ at the Chair of Applied Computer Science IV, University of Mannheim: Coached three groups of students over a period of one term.
10/2000 ― 07/2004 Network and backup administrator for the PC pool of the School of Law and Economics at the University of Mannheim
  • Planning, organization, and execution of a backup strategy for the central data server of the School of Law and Economics at the University of Mannheim. The backup strategy was implemented using Veritas BackupExec on a Windows 2000 server.
  • Administration of the PC pool of the School of Law and Economics: installation and maintenance of a pool of Windows 2000 workstations; programming of scripts and tools in Java and Perl for an automated user management system.
  • Offered instruction and support for the users of the PC pool.
  • Familiarized new personnel with their job.
  • Assisted in the process of acquiring new personnel for the PC pool

Professional Education

07/2006 Graduate of Business Information Technology (Master-level Degree); University of Mannheim, Germany
1998 ― 2006 Studies of Business Information Technology with an emphasis on Computer Science; University of Mannheim, Germany