Package info.rolandkrueger.roklib.cli

Classes for defining and interpreting command line arguments.


Interface Summary
CommandHandler Classes implementing this interface will be passed the user's input to a console by a ConsoleThread to process it further.

Class Summary
AbstractCommandObject This class serves as the basis for command objects in the Command design pattern.
CommandLineArgumentEvaluator This class can be used to handle a program's command line options in an easy and uncomplicated way.
CommandLineOption This class constitutes a single command line option that is managed by a CommandLineArgumentEvaluator.
ConsoleCommandObject Base class for all command objects that are used with the ConsoleThread.
ConsoleThread This is a class that provides a shell similar to those of programs like gdb or bc.

Enum Summary
CommandLineArgumentEvaluator.UserInputValidity Enum which is used to describe whether the arguments provided by the user via the command line were valid and if not so, what was wrong about them.
CommandLineOptionType Enum to specify the type of an option.

Package info.rolandkrueger.roklib.cli Description

Classes for defining and interpreting command line arguments.

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