RoKlib - For Those About To RoK 0.1 API

info.rolandkrueger.demo.table Demonstration of tables which can be filtered and sorted.
info.rolandkrueger.demo.tstmap Demonstration of the Ternary Search Tree data structure.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.cli Classes for defining and interpreting command line arguments.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.files Directory and file monitoring classes. Support for Input/Output operations and I/O streams.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.plugins Classes for writing application plugins packaged as JAR files.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.system Support for operating system related tasks, such as detecting memory swapping conditions.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.ui.swing Miscellaneous Java Swing GUI classes.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.ui.swing.augmentedtyping Java Swing text input component that easily allows to enter a wider range of characters as available on a keyboard, such as phonetic letters.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.ui.swing.rapidsuggest Java Swing ComboBox component that gives value suggestions when typing.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.ui.swing.table Java Swing table classes which support instant column-based data filtering when typing search terms.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util Utility classes and data structures.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.authorization Classes for handling user and user group authorization.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.bool Object-oriented model of boolean operations.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.conditionalengine Framework of a conditional engine which provides an object-oriented and event-driven model of boolean expressions.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.conditionalengine.conditions Concrete implementations of specific conditions which can be used by the conditional engine. General data handling utility classes.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.formatter Abstractions of text formatters.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.groupvisibility Classes for managing whether a component is enabled or visible based on predefined conditions.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.helper Miscellaneous utility objects intended to make life a little easier. Classes and interfaces for working with network-specific problems.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.resources Classes for accessing and working with resource files found in the class path or in JAR files.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.state Object representation of a state.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.util.tables.filtertable Model classes for tables which support instant column-based data filtering when typing search terms.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.webapps.actions Standard functionality needed in web applications.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.webapps.actions.interfaces Interfaces for functionality needed in web applications. Classes for the data objects of a web application. Interfaces for defining data access methods. Condition objects needed in web applications. Classes for the user management of a web application.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.webapps.state Concrete state objects needed in web applications.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.webapps.urldispatching Framework for mapping URLs on action objects.
info.rolandkrueger.roklib.webapps.urldispatching.urlparameters Object representations of URL parameters.


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